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Contribute Your Farm Data to Aquaculture Research Studies

Receive detailed personalized farm reports for every sponsored study with Manolin

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Tailored farm reports for every sponsored study.

Always be up to date on the newest aquaculture research and unlock direct value from every sponsored study with Manolin when you obtain your personalized farm study results within weeks, not months.

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Always Be in Control

Contribute to the studies you want. Opt out of those you don't.

Determine where your data is used. Stay in control of what sponsored studies your farm data contributes to. Easily opt out of the sponsored studies for the ones you don't want to be a part of.

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Personalized Farm Report for Every Sponsored Study

Being on Manolin's Researcher tier means your farm gets free detailed benchmarking reports with every sponsored study of how your farm performed. These reports include personalized summaries of your company on the research study completed.


Researcher Tier

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Manolin Researcher cost?

Manolin Researcher is free to all farm companies. No purchase is required to join.

Why should a farm join the Researcher tier?

By joining Manolin's free Researcher tier, farms get personalized reports for every sponsored study conducted with Manolin while retaining control of your data's contribution.

That means:

  • New unique insights on your farms performance at no cost to your company
  • You get to see study results on how your company performs against the industry on the most innovative research topics being conducted
  • You get to retain control of what sponsored research your data is contributed to.
What is a sponsored research study?

A sponsored research study is a study conducted through Manolin's Harpoon platform that is paid for by a third-party customer(s) of Manolin.

How does the Researcher tier work?

To get started on Manolin's Researcher tier, fill out the form at the top of this page to notify our team. Once submitted, a member from Manolin will be in touch shortly with the following next steps to get started you started.

  • Introductory call on joining Researcher
  • Data review & farm data integration
  • Be notified on upcoming studies!
How do I opt out my data for a study?

All farm data you contribute is automatically set to a default option of being opted into every study. As a Research tier member, you'll be given notice of every new study that is about to be conducted with Manolin.

How to opt out of studies

Before a study takes place, Manolin sets a grace period before starting every sponsored research project which will allow farms to know ahead of time what new projects are going to be conducted. During this grace period, farms will have the option to opt out of the study. Farms will not have the option to retroactively opt out of the study once that study begins.

How does Manolin protect farm data?

All farm data contributed to Manolin is automatically anonymized to protect your farms privacy and intellectual property.

What are some example research study topics?

Research studies conducted with Manolin range vastly across key industry questions.

Some examples may include:

  • Measuring the effectiveness of lice treatments with public data
  • The effect of in-field sea lice solutions and when they work best
  • Impact of different EPA/DHA levels in feed on salmon health
  • The effect of sedation on mechanical treatment success
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